Distributed Power Platform

PowerSource Philippines, Inc. (PSPI) is the first Qualified Third Party (“QTP”) accredited by the Department of Energy (DOE) under the Philippine Electric Power Industry Reform Act (“EPIRA”). The company is the first QTP recipient of the Universal Charge-Missionary Electrification (“UCME”) subsidy. QTP status gives the holder a unique entitlement to operate as a “bundled” utility, combining generation, transmission & distribution of electricity in a specific area.

PSPI provides financing and technology solutions for distribution infrastructure, and is committed to provide 24/7 electricity in off-grid areas that is sustainable and reliable. Currently, it operates two (2) community micro-grids – one in Palawan and one in Cebu.

PowerSource has a joint venture agreement with a distribution cooperative to provide power to a number of off-grid sites in the franchise area and is in the process of conducting feasibility studies.

Existing Sites

Rio Tuba
PowerSource established 24/7 electricity service in Rio Tuba, Palawan, in 2006. Since then, power consumption has risen more than seven times while population has doubled, enabling growth for the community and local economy.

Malapascua Island is 9.2 km off the northern coast Cebu Province. It was recently named one of the top three dive sites in the Philippines, behind Tubbataha Reef and Apo Reef, due largely to the growing fame of nearby Monad Shoal which features the presence of regularly feeding thresher sharks.

The Malapascua Island Community Energizer Platform power generation and livelihood development project has been endorsed by Barangay Logon, Municipality of Daanbantayan, and the Province of Cebu because it addresses these priorities.

PowerSource established 24/7 power in 2009. From that time to 2015, power consumption rose more than seven times with significant growth in both residential and commercial establishments.

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